All Saints Covington

All Saints Church (at some time also known as the church of St. Margaret) has provided a focus for worship in the village for at least the last 900 years and, quite probably, for some time before that. It stands facing out over the Kym Valley with what is reputed to be one of the best views in Cambridgeshire.

The church plays an integral part in the village calendar and is packed for the harvest celebration and the candle-lit carol service. All Saints, Covington, is part of the South Leightonstone Group of Churches and well-attended services are held on the first and third Sundays of each month.

Please read our information leaflet.


1st Sunday 9:30am
3rd Sunday 9:30am

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Revd. Stephen Bowring
(01480 860792)


P Sewell (01480 860311)
K Henson

Covington Bell Project

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