Places to stay

Below is a list of places in the area offering accommodation. This is for information only and the presence of an address on this page bears no indication of quality or preference. No responsibility can be taken for out of date information. No payment has been taken from any business mentioned.


Fairy's Lodge Farm, Covington, 01480 860441
This is a members only site for the Caravan Club.


Summerfield Campsite, High Street, Tilbrook 07771 821722 or 07771 821723

Bed and Breakfasts

Carters Yard B & B, Kimbolton, 01480 861178

The Hall Farm B & B, Tilbrook 01480 860696

The Old Manse, 35 Thrapston Road, Kimbolton 01480 861675

The Racehorse Inn, Catworth, 01832 710123

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